Monday, 8 October 2012

Clarke & Clarke | Rosetta

If we are all destined for our own individual heaven (as one of my favourite books suggests) then this is what mine looks like. 

The Rosetta collection by Clarke & Clarke includes a large scale floral/bird trail, a pretty ditsy rose, a floral stripe and a Jacobean styled trail. To add to the kitsch factor a charming pussy-cat print and a fun small scale scotty dog print are also available.

This fresh, vintage inspired collection was launched in the spring of this year but has somehow managed to go unnoticed by myself until now. I'm desperate to use it for our project in rural Hampshire - I really hope the clients like it! How could they not?!

To view the full collection click HERE

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  1. We have a lovely Clarke and Clarke blind for our kitchen in the design of Meadow in powder blue. It's such a gorgeous fabric. Next blind will be for the bathroom in the deckchair stripe design.



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