Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No more wallpaper waste!

Last weekend I decided to have a sort out. Over the years I have managed to almost fill my utility room with random paint pots and pieces of mismatched wallpaper, left over from pervious projects. 

I didn't have enough wallpaper leftover to do any big areas but it was in such a good condition I couldn't face parting with it. It was my Mum who suggested using the scraps to make drawer liners. Not only is this the perfect way to use leftover wallpaper but it also looks ace. Plus it's dead easy to do. Just follow these steps. . .

  • Measure the size of the drawer interior and cut the paper pieces down with a straight (ish) edge. If your anything like me, this is much harder than it sounds!
  • Put a thin coat of leftover wallpaper paste in the bottom of the drawer with a brush
  • Carefully lay the paper on top. 
  • Smooth out any bubbles very carefully so the paste doesn't leak out the edges. 

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    1. What a fantastic idea....I must try this, may even try it in clothes drawers to liven them up a bit!


    Feel Free Guys!