Monday, 16 July 2012

Ella's Kitchen Company

Large Kitchen Cabinet (Painted) £595
I'm in love! This pantry style Kitchen Cabinet comes from Ella's Kitchen Company. It's made in England (inspired by Norway!) and is brilliant for storing dry good such as rice. 

Each of the 12 scoops holds the equivalent of a large bag of flour and the nine glass bottles are perfect for baking ingredients and spices. Here are the details. . .
  • It comes fully assembled and can be wall-hung or free standing. 
  • It comes complete with hanging instructions and screws.
  • Dimensions: Width 77 cm, Height 50 cm, Depth 25 cm.
  • Each Scoop holds: 900g flour or 1.5kg rice or 2kg sugar or 500g pasta.
  • Bottle Capacity: each has a 250ml capacity.

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