Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Design Office Revamp!


I'm sorry its taken me so long to speak to you guys but I've got a good reason! The Moore & Bradfield Design Office is undergoing a huge renovation so currently most of the office is boxed up and stacked high! The last few weeks have been manic but thankfully its coming to and end and its going to look fab. 

What do you think of the new colour scheme? We used Skimming Stone, a highly versatile off-white for the walls and Dove Tale for the woodwork. The cabinet work is a mixture of Elephant's Breath and Charleston Grey. We also used a deep aubergine (Brinjal) as an accent colour. We've chosen Topiary by Clarke and Clarke for the new blinds although I'm unsure what colour to go for (I've narrowed it down to two). Opinions please!

From left to right - Topiary in Charcoal and Topiary in Linen

From left to right - Skimming Stone (No. 241), Elephant's Breath (No. 229), Dove Tale (No. 267), Charleston Grey (No. 243) and Brinjal (No. 222) - All Farrow & Ball

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