Thursday, 5 January 2012

New year, new project?!

Its about this time when we get loads of people coming in to the showroom swearing that the Christmas just gone will be the last in the their current kitchen. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen why not try and incorporate one of 2012s biggest interior design trends?

Unexpected colour combinations and colour blocking are key looks for the coming year. I often direct clients to the Farrow & Ball website for colour inspiration, and this year they have not disappointed me.  They've put together four beautiful colour schemes which would all look fantastic interpreted in a kitchen setting. Those lovers of cream cabinetwork, look away now!

I adore the idea of an effervescent yellow teamed with complementary greys. This look is quite modern but if you want to go for a more vintage feel you could combine Babouche with Plummet instead (right), a much darker grey imitating lead. 

Pigeon is one of my favourite F&B colours. It is a gorgeous mix of blue, grey and greens tones which makes for a really interesting shade. They have chosen to accent this colour with Incarnadine, a rich crimson red, to make it more modern and atmospheric. You could also pair it with a chalky colour such as Mizzle (right).

This pale aubergine shade can be combined with beautiful neutrals, which is deal if you want something elegant and feminine but want to avoid girly. F&B suggest using Strong White on flooring and Dove Tale for wood worktops. This scheme keeps the ethereal quality of Brassica intact but relaxes it enough for a family kitchen setting. 

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