Friday, 4 November 2011

Christmas in the Kitchen Part 1 - Susie Watson!

I am well and truly getting geared up for christmas. I know it's only November (how can I forget when my partner keeps reminding me!) but I just love seeing all the festive treats appearing in my favourite shops. I couldn't help but notice the new christmas section of the Susie Watson website. They have some beautiful pieces so I've had to limit myself. So here is my wish list. I think you will all agree I've been rather reserved. Friends and Family take note!

1. Christmas Red Candles (box of 6), £16.50
2. Advent Calendar, £45
3. Christmas Bird Mug, £16.95
4. Duck Egg Napkins (pack of 4), £22
5. Embroidered Tea Towels, £13
6. Small Holly Bowl, £13.50

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