Monday, 20 September 2010

Statement Appliances - as promised!

Another great way of injecting colour into your kitchen or utility room is through the use of statement appliances. The big applaince brands now offer a wide range of colours so you know there will be one out there to suit you.

I've rounded up 5 of the most colourful brands. . .

Mixing tradition and colour by way of a feature range cooker is one of the most popular looks around. I love Everhot cookers. Because they're electric, no flue or concrete base is needed, meaning they can be positioned almost anywhere along side your kitchen units. They are incredibly versatile and look fantastic Colour options include Burgundy, Blue, Green and Graphite plus black and cream.

If you plug for a Britiania cooker you can specify the exact colour you wish your range to be. Thier new customer service Colourange means that you can choose a colour as outrageous or as subtle as you like. Your inspiration can come from anywhere, a kitchen tile, an off cut of fabric, your new car, a nail varnish sample or a cosmetics swatch. Check out their website for more info.

For a retro twist check out the range of appliances from Smeg. As you know I featured a pastel green fridge freezer in my very own kitchen.

Visit Unfortunatly they are currently unable to ship outside of the US, but their website is still worth a peek, even if it's just for inspiration. You could also help me pile on the international pressure!

Dont forget small appliances. Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixers are ever popular with our clients and are available in 16 colour choices.

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