Monday, 13 September 2010

Colourful Kitchens

Although white and cream units are very popular, introducing colour into your kitchen can give it a real lift. There are three ways of injecting colour. Either through the use of stunning units, beautiful detailing or statement appliances.

Today I’ll focus on cabinet work but stay tuned for more tips!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint!) there are no set rules regarding colour & cabinet work. But hopefully these little tips will serve you well…

1. When picking two or three shades balance is key. Avoid equal areas of dark and light - use darker colours for large areas and use lighter tints to add detail or vice-versa.

2. Similarly, keep very bright colours to a minimum. Use them as accents within a more neutral scheme.

3. Try not to feature a colour only once in your kitchen; reappearance will always tie a space together. Adding small appliances and kitchen accessories is a great way to achieve this.

4. To conclude, cabinets in different colours will always look more appealing than cabinets all in the same flat shade. You can keep your scheme rather minimal by mixing two colours together or go all out funky and use four or five. Its all up to you!

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