Monday, 9 August 2010

Coastal Kitchens- Inspired by Devon

What does summer mean to you? For me, paddling, cream tea, fish & chips and rock pooling all spring to mind. My recent trip to Woolacome featured all of these things!

Ok, so it rained at least once a day, but that's what an English seaside holiday is all about.

Inspired by some of the beautiful homes situated along the coast, I began thinking how I would bring some seaside magic into someone's home.

Nothing creates a 'getaway feel' quite like a coastal design.Below is a great example of how elegant and crisp this look can be.

Here are my top tips for acheiving this look...

1. When choosing accessories think rustic, not novelty. A few seaside trinkets are fine. Leave the lighthouse salt and pepper shakers in the giftshop!

2. Take advantage of stainless steel appliances. Coastal kitchens are one of the few settings where a steel range avoids the danger of looking too harsh.

3. Focus on natural materials for the rest of the space, distressed white wood in the kitchen and chunky knit blankets in the seating area (if relevant).

4. For colour inspiration, just look out the window! Off white and pale butterscotch are spot on. As shown in both images, injecting some colour is as easy as adding a bowl of brightly coloured fruit, or creating a focal point out of a tiled splashback. I also feel a mid steel blue bistro disc, for guests to sit at with morning coffee, would be a nice feature. Let's face it, you are gonna have enough people wanting to stay!

5. Lighing wise, I LOVE the concept of a low hung fishermans lamp over an island or bistro disc. This ceiling light from Garden Trading is ideal.

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